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Mobile Refuse Equipment

JWR is proud to be an authorized reseller and service partner for Galbreath, Converto, and Curbtender and with these partnerships we are able to offer a complete line of hoists, mobile refuse collection trucks and sweepers. JWR offers full service for all of our lines of equipment: Shop service, emergency shop drive-in repairs, mount and remount, mobile service and a full line of parts to back every unit we sell.


JWR Quote Builder

JWR is authorized reseller and service partner for Galbreath, Converto, and Curbtender and with these partnerships we are able to offer a complete line of hoists, mobile refuse collection trucks and sweepers.

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HV Series

sku Product SKU:  100

  • Debris Tank15 cu yd
  • Water Tank1000 gallons
  • Blower Hg27''
  • Blower CFM5250
  • Tube Boom25 ft reach from center
  • Rubber Boom18 ft reach from center
  • Cyclones6
  • Water Pump10-20 GPM @ 3000-4000 PSI
  • HeightLess than 13 ft 6 in
  • Width8 ft 4 in
  • Compatible OptionsCold Weather Package, Pump Enclosure, Pressure Off, Pump-Off,

When we talk about the lowest long-term cost of ownership, it all starts with the filtration system. It's what makes a GapVax different than any other truck, and it's why our trucks last the longest, are the easiest to work on, and have the highest resale value on the market.What makes GapVax different from any other company in the industry is that we built our trucks for ourselves first. So all those little annoying things that go wrong— bags clogged, blower overheating, rock-in-the-boom— we took care of them. This truck wasn't engineered in an office. It was figured out in a coal plant by mechanics and operators. Because when you're miles from the shop and you need to get the job done to get paid, you wouldn't want anything else. Bury the boom in water or ash, and let it run all day— no problem. Hydro or air excavate until your arms fall off— no sweat. This machine is up for any job you can throw at it, from pipelines to power plants, from oilfields to shipyards. These trucks run in Americas dirtiest trenches, and they don't stop running.With GapVax there is no cookie-cutter. Each truck is cutom built to the needs of each customer. If you're using water, and you've got frosty winters, we've got you covered with varying degrees of winterization. If you've got brutal heat, don't worry. Our air system is designed to handle it. When you're vacuuming dry, there's no greater threat to your equipment than carryover to the baghouse. Our cyclone filtration system eliminates 90% of carryover. With proper service, a GapVax truck can normally operate 1,500 to 2,000 hours before requiring a change of filter bags. Since filtration/blower maintenance is the single greatest expense of a wet/dry vacuum truck, superior filtration immediately lowers operating costs. At GapVax, capacity isn't just about how many cubic yards. It's about how many years of service. That's why we build our trucks to stand the test of time. It's why we've introduced bolt-on filtration. It's why we've got four independent, field-adjustable, over-center locks, and a stainless steel vee-wire filter. The truck to the right is an HV57 built in 1999, and sold in 2018 for well over one hundred thousand dollars. Now that's preventative maintenance!

USD 0.0000

MC Series

sku Product SKU:  101

  • Debris Tank10 cu yd
  • Water Tank1500 gallons
  • Blower Hg16-27''
  • Blower CFM3500-5900
  • Boom26 ft reach from center
  • Hose Reel800 ft of 1 in hose at 270 deg
  • Jetter Pump GPM60-100 gpm
  • Jetter Pump PSI2000 to 3000 psi
  • HeightLess than 13 ft 6 in
  • Width8 ft 4 in
  • ChassisTandem Axle 6x4

The industry's leading performance is about doing all of the little things right. And as anyone whose been in this business long enough will tell you, the little things make all the difference. Together with our customers, we've created the perfect machine for catch basin cleaning, hydro excavating, and sewer cleaning. And we've done it in a way that means the lowest long-term cost of ownership. When it comes to long-term cost of ownership, size matters. But it's not the size of the tank that matters. It's the size of the flanges, the pivot pins, the hydraulic tanks, the lift cylinders. That's the specs they never sell you on– that make the difference between "on the job" or 'in the shop".  With GapVax, you can inspect your engine without starting it. Just unpin and rotate the hose reel, lift the hood, and you're ready to inspect. It's that easy. That means more convenience and safety for your operators. And because this kind of thoughtfulness extends well beyond the hood, mechanics love working on GapVax. Safety starts with the frame. GapVax puts it's unitized tank low to the ground and between the chassis frame to keep you from tipping. The hose reel is mounted on the same dual frame rails, which extend far beyond the engine to improve the strength of the reel, keep the operator away from the cab, and extend the life of the bearing. The boom is rotated by a worm gear instead of a hydraulic cylinder, and the boom is lifted by two cylinders to minimize stress and maximize strength.  The GapVax tube trays give you enough storage for 8 tubes at chest level. Say goodbye to reaching for racks and hoses. Say goodbye to twisted backs. In addition to our tube trays, we offer over 50 different types of toolboxes and tube storage, like our front bumper toolboxes with integrated nozzle racks. At GapVax, capacity isn't just about how many gallons. It's about how many years. That's why we build our tanks out of grade 304 stainless steel. It's why we've got four independent, field-adjustable, over-center locks, and a stainless steel vee-wire filter. So if something goes wrong, you don't stop running. And when we say we've got a 10 yard debris tank, we mean we've got a 10 usable yard debris tank.

USD 0.0000

VHE Series

sku Product SKU:  102

  • Debris Tank12 cu yd
  • Water Tank1000 gallons
  • Blower Hg16-27''
  • Blower CFM3500-4500
  • Water Pump10 to 20 gpm @ 3000 to 4000 PSI
  • Front-Mounted Boom26 ft reach from center
  • Rear-Mounted Boom25 ft reach from center
  • HeightLess than 13 ft 6 in
  • Width8 ft 4 in
  • ChassisTandem Axle 6x4

Known throughout the industry as building the longest-lasting and most user-friendly hydro excavators, we’ve taken our 30 years of industrial vacuum experience and created the most reliable and most budget conscious excavator in its class. The GapVax VHE combines the best of both worlds: A severe-duty base model, combined with a comprehensive list of optional equipment that gets you exactly what you need, without paying for things you don’t. The first thing you’ll notice is how similar our VHE and MC units appear. It’s not a coincidence. As the old saying goes, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.” Basic features include: A full opening tailgate that provides unobstructed dumping and simple washout, A tailgate hinge and locks that are adjustable using two wrenches, An integral debris body and water tank that keeps the center of gravity lower to the ground, and ergonomic tool storage for easy access to regularly used items like vacuum tubes, hoses and water lances. We know you can’t stop working just because the thermometer drops. We also understand the expenses related to costly equipment freeze-ups. That’s why we offer you options that safely winterize your VHE. From heated pump and tool storage, glycol and air-out systems, the GapVax VHE won’t leave you out in the cold during the winter months. Working on and maintaining a GapVax is where we really stand apart from the rest. Everything is easily accessible and easy to maintain—the pump, the cleanouts, the grease points, and kunkle valves. Everything is built to be maintained at the lowest possible long-term cost. GapVax trucks are designed with the operator in mind. So everything is easily accessible and right where you need it. We try to go the extra mile to save backs and joints– because, at the end of the day, the only thing more important to your fleet than your vacuum truck is the person operating it. Let’s face it, the rules and regulations for safe excavating increase each year. Its tough to stay compliant without breaking the bank, but the GapVax VHE will help carry the load without burying your budget. And you’ll still receive all the benefits synonymous with a GapVax: operator friendly design, lowest cost to maintain, unmatched fleet uptime, and best-in-class performance.

USD 0.0000

VHX Series

sku Product SKU:  103

Our unique design makes GapVax different from all other equipment available, which is why our trucks last the longest, are the easiest to work on and have the highest resale value.

The VHX’s vacuum system, with wet/dry filtration, is quiet, reliable, and simple. Our superior filtration design includes ultra-efficient cyclone separators and long-lasting filter bags. You’ll dig confidently with the 13 GPM, 3,000 PSI water system, or the optional 200 CFM air compressor system. The full-tilting debris body provides quick unloading and simple cleanout, getting you in and out of the dumpsite fast. 

Outperform the competition and stay road legal with the best trucks in the business! The GapVax VHX is ready for anything! GapVax delivers optimum weight distribution for “Bridge Law” compliant states. The 15,000 lb. payload and low-profile (12’ 2”) make it the ideal combination for all-around hydro excavation projects. The GapVax VHX is ready for anything! 

Hydro or air excavation - whatever the task entails, this weight conscious hydrovac has your back! The optional vertical, heated cabinet that houses the water system, keeps you working in the harsh winters. The 200 CFM air compressor - optional - keeps you on the job when water is not available or not ideal for your situation. This versatile unit is the perfect addition to your fleet.

Equipped with a boom that is optimized for hydro excavation. The VHX boom has an 8” tube in tube with 22’ reach and a 15° downward pivot. The GapVax VHX is built for the operator, by the operator.

USD 0.0000

21/22 Amrep HX450 Front Loader with push out dump

sku Product SKU:  110

Amrep’s HX450FL front load refuse truck is available in multiple sizes and lengths, with full push-out or hoist ejection. Amrep's unique shaped construction, using Hardox® material, allows for a simple and clean design, providing greater strength and wear life.  

  • Body Construction

    • Entire body shell: 
      1/8”, 4mm or 3/16“ Hardox 450
    • Hopper sides: 
      4mm or 3/16” Hardox 450
    • Rear door: 
      1/8” Hardox 450
  • Lifting Mechanism

    • 14 - 18 Second cycle time
    • 1 - 8 cu yd capacity
    • Side pocket poks with dock loading capability
    • 8,000 lb lifting capacity
    • Replaceable bronze insert X-shaft bushings
  • Packing System

    • High blade or low blade with follower (low blade with follower requires horizontal exhaust)
    • Selectable pack cycles
    • Follow plate to prevent spillage behind blade
    • Full eject or hoist to dump
  • Electrical System

    • Computerized packing system
    • Packing function display
    • Harnessed wiring
    • Weather resistant quick connectors
  • Body Construction 

    • Body shell - 1/8”, 4mm or 3/16“ Hardox 450
  • Hopper Construction 

    • Lower sides - 4mm or 3/16” Hardox 450
    • Upper sides - 4mm Hardox 450
  • Hydraulic Read Door

    • Hydraulic actuated single rear steel convex door
    • Door sheets - 1/8” Hardox 450
  • Cab Canopy

    • Sides and top - 14 gauge mild steel
  • Packer Follower (Low Blade Only)

    • Attached to top of packer blade to prevent refuse from collecting in front area of body
    • Follower cover - 10 gauge high tensile steel (low blade only)
  • Packer Blade

    • Push type “A” frame box with shoes to slide In
    • Full length channel guides on body floor
    • Face - 1/4“ Hardox 450
    • Sides - 3/8” Mild Steel
    • Length - 30“
    • Width - 80”
    • Height - 60“ (high blade - 84”)
    • Guides - 6 x 15.3# channel full length of body
    • Wear guides - Hardox 500 wear plate
  • Ladder

    • Right side of body to provide access to body roof with PTO lockout when in use
  • Loading Mechanism

    • 8,000 lb capacity, rectangular tubing with flat bar straps and reinforcement gussets
  • Forks, Cross Shaft & Bearings

    • Side pocket forks 6-1/2 x 1-1/4 x 51”
    • Cross shaft - cold drawn seamless tubing
    • Tubing - 3-1/2” O.D. x 1/2” wall 80,000 psi
    • (2) Bronze bushings grooved for lubrication
    • Bushing size - 4-1/2 x 3-1/2 x 2-1/2
  • Arm Cross Shaft & Bearings

    • Cold drawn seamless tubing, bolt on mounting
    • 4-1/2” x 1/2” x 80,000 psi (3/4” & 1” optional)
    • Mounting - “U” bolt half cap wall mounted
    • (2) Full and (1) half bronze bushing grooved for lubrication
    • Full bushing - 6” O.D. x 4-1/2” I.D. x 6” long
  • Deceleration Value

    • To allow maximum operating speeds without driver correction
  • Container Stops

    • Rubber pads mounted inside forks at shaft
  • Hoses and Fittings

    • HD double wire braided parker 100r2
    • SAE hose with jic fittings
    • Zinc dichromate seamless steel tubing
  • Reservoir 

    • 60 Gallon capacity with breather cap shut off
    • Valve and tank drain plug
    • A 20-micron return line filter cartridge with a 20 psi bypass valve
    • Vertical baffles, 150-micron re-usable suction filter
  • Controls

    • Air controls mounted in cab to the right and forward of operator and outside on the street side of the body
  • Control Valve 

    • Commercial A-35 with built in relief valve
  • Power Source

    • Front mount or transmission mounted gear pump
  • Packer Cylinders

    • (2) Three stage telescopic, double acting, all chrome stages
    • 1st Stage (pack) - 6-1/2”I.D.
    • 2nd Stage (eject) - 5“ I.D.
    • 3rd Stage (eject) - 3-1/2” I.D.
    • Stroke - 162-3/4“
  • Arm Cylinders 

    • (2) - Single stage, double acting bore - 4” stroke - 48-3/8“ rod - 2” chrome
  • Fork Cylinders

    • (2) Single stage, double acting bore - 3“ stroke - 21” rod - 1-1/4“
  • Rear Door Cylinders

    • (2) Single stage, double acting bore – 2-½” Stroke – 35” Rod – 1-1/4” chrome
  • Hopper Cover Cylinder

    • (1) Single stage, double acting bore - 2” stroke - 93” rod - 1-1/4” chrome
  • Hydraulic Oil 

    • Anti-wear, corrosion, oxidation and foam inhibitors
    • ISO viscosity grade - 46
    • API gravity - 31
    • Viscosity - 220 @ 100 Deg. F
    • Flash point - 430 Deg. F
  • Lights

    • Standard ICC lights and reflectors conforming to California state vehicle code. “Truck-Lite” tail, stop, back up and directional lights
  • Mid-Body Turn Signal 

    • Directional lights mounted at mid-point of body
  • Rear Door Liquid Catch 

    • Steel construction installed under rear door to prevent liquid spill
  • Clean Out Doors 

    • Two doors at front of body 10“ x 31” (low blade only)
    • Full access door on street side of body (high blade only)
  • Steel Specifications 

    • Tensile strength - 180,000 psi
    • Tensile yield - 145,000
    • Brinell - 450
  • Estimated Body Weight

    • 16,700 lbs (options may affect total body weight) lighter bodies available with material modifications


USD 0.0000

BaleWulf 2 Ram

sku Product SKU:  00098

The BaleWulf Two Ram Balers have been designed with the user in mind. From the user-friendly touch screen menus, easy access maintenance features, to the customized commodity recipes. Available in two models, the 4560-2R (45” x 60” chamber) and the 7060-2R (70” x 60” chamber) that have the versatility to bale multiple commodities. Featuring an industry leading, 5 YEAR/ 10,000 HOUR chassis warranty, 2 YEAR/ 4,000 HOUR parts warranty, and a 2 YEAR/ 4,000 HOUR all-inclusive planned maintenance program.


Built with Sebright Products industry disrupting standards of quality and JWR’s world class service capabilities. The foundations of the BaleWulf Line of Balers are SAFETY, VERSATILITY, AND QUALITY without sacrificing performance.

Utilizing low HP and low operating PSI to achieve your target bale weights without putting undo stress on the baler. The BaleWulf Line of Balers are designed for long term operation with minimal maintenance


Clear Lexan Polycarbonate rear panels with an ultra-bright industrial LED work light comes standard on all BaleWulf models. With this feature users are able to perform a visual inspection without the need for lockout-tagout procedures. Utilizing light weight Lexan panels and a bright work light, provides a clear advantage in routine maintenance.


The ground-breaking feature of the BaleWulf Two Ram Baler is the industry first, Pack Shoe Adjusters. This innovative design allows the ram to keep tolerances tight and allows for more finite adjustments of the ram. No shimming or lifting of the ram necessary, saving you time and money.


Another innovative feature of the BaleWulf Two Ram Baler, is the Bolt in Liners. Minimal welding and torch cutting required, you can change out the frame floor and ram floor liners using sockets and wrenches. Which results in less down time for maintenance.

USD 0.0000

Pathfinder Series

sku Product SKU:  66789

  • Works with Aries WiperCam Pan & Tilt camera
  • Operates on Aries Mobile Pathfinder PR3400 Reel or any Aries mainline Pathfinder system
  • Rear tip-up cable connection with a secure twist-lock mechanism
  • Rear-viewing camera with LED lighting
  • Available auxiliary high power detachable light head (optional)
  • Single fastener mounting for fast tire size changes
  • Six-wheel, steerable drive system to match pipe contours
  • Continuous duty drive motors
  • Operates in power forward, power reverse, steer-left, steer-right and freewheel modes
  • 512Hz sonde/locating beacon

USD 0.0000

Lateral Camera

sku Product SKU:  654321

  • Adaptable to Aries LETS system
  • Operates in pipe size 3” and up
  • Continuous, 360° camera head rotation for a complete view of the pipe
  • “Starlight” light enhancement and automatic iris compensation maximizes visibility
  • High-intensity LED lighting to capture fine detail
  • Adaptable for mainline applications
  • Internal 512Hz transmitting beacon
  • SMARTEK internal on-screen diagnostics for continuous monitoring of internal operating system
  • Internally pressurized to prevent leakage
  • Automatically pans to the home position
  • Compatible with all Aries tractors and most multi-conductor CCTV systems

USD 0.0000

There are no products for your selection at this time. Please contact us for more information.

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